Monday, March 9, 2015


Yesterday was my first night out in Tokyo! And it was a blast! I met with a friend I met in Berlin last year and her (now) husband at the Hachiko statue in Shibuya and went to the ruby room ( Since I heard nice electrobeats while coming in, I felt like at home right away, since in Berlin I usually go out on electro parties. The clubs music was alterning between Jrock, singer/songwriter and something really beautiful I have never heard before and no clue of what name ist bares (see video at the end). Between the different artists the DJs always played electro for a while. Besides the room being a little to small for the sound it is a very nice place to go for music lovers (as it says in the door).
As we met there with one of the artists (Tonbo) which is a friend of the newly wed couple and sit at a table with him, 2 gaijins come in who apparently know Tonbo and start talking with him right away in Japanese. Turns out that they are from Berlin as well and, although I actually don't want to mingle too much with gaijins, we start sympathizing right away. Later that night we talk and it turns out we have a common Japanese friend in Berlin. Talk about coincidence huh?!

If anyone knows who and what it is, please tell me!

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