Monday, March 9, 2015


It's spring in Tokyo as well, even if the temperatures don't show it, the plum blossom definitely does. So my landlady offers me to come with her and her friends to watch the plum blossom at Kairakuen, which also includes a kodokan ( Since I have nothing else do to and it's for free, I decide to join and discover Japan. Afterall that's what I'm here for. Little did I know, that this day was going to be the best day in Japan yet.

After a pretty long but not uncomfortable drive from Meguro to Ibaraki, during which I got to see a lot of the countryside around Tokyo we arrived at the park, where unfortunately the trees weren't all in blossom. As compensation, we had some really nice sweet and free finger food which was really delicious and nice hot green tea.

After a stroll trough the park we came to this house, which has been rebuilt in a traditional way due to repeated destruction. The view from the top was splendid and reached over the whole valley.

On our way out, we came by the souvenir shops, which essentially consist of edible souvenirs, irresistible to ladies. Ok I tried some too and they are quite good! ... Mostly! Because when I was offered some undefinable substance on a toothpick, the girl handing it to me, laught, apparently because of the face I did. Umeboshi is the name of that substance, and it's really sour!
On our way back, we stopp by the beach which is empty except for a lonely fisherman and the moon.

That's the moon, not the sun!

Tired and hungry I am invited to dinner. We are served some tiny squid with vegetables and a very tasty vinaigrette, different kinds of sashimi and a nabe with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and ankou (frogfish) and a really nice sake.
Needless to say, that the drive home was very quiet except for some "よかった"s and some "おなかがいっぱい"s and sleepy!

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